Villa Verde Perspective-inside Villa Verde TH-Floor-Plan-2 Villa Verde Vicinity-Map-4 Villa Verde Entrance-Gate (1) Villa Verde Entrance-Gate-view-2 Villa Verde Perspective-Aerial-View Villa Verde Subdivision-perspective-view Villa Verde Subdivision-inside Villa Verde TH-Aerial-view-1 Villa Verde TH-3 Villa-Verde-Subd

VILLA VERDE in Banilad Cebu City

VILLA VERDE: Banilad Cebu City City Just a minute away from the main highway  Finished Unit Delivery: LED Lights Rain Water Tank Water Save Fixtures WC & Faucets Green Wall Vertical Garden  BEST DEAL EVER PROMO!! FREE…Life Insurance (MRI) FREE House and Fire Insurance FREE Bank Loan Charges FREEP.A Notarization FREE Water and Electricity Deposit […]... Read More