Paseo-Grove-Priland-Mactan-Condo Perspective-Paseo-Groove-768x445 Paseo Groove Perspective-interior-1 Paseo Groove Perspective-interior-2 Paseo Groove Perspective-inteior-3 Paseo Groove Perspective-interior-3 Paseo Groove Perspective-interior-4 Paseo Groove Perspective-interior-5 Paseo Groove Perspective-interior-6 Paseo Groove Studio-Floor-Plan Paseo Groove 1-Bedroom-Unit Paseo Groove 2-bedroom-unit Paseo Groove 2-Bedroom-Unit-B Paseo groove-Swimming-Pool Paseo-Lobby Paseo-Playground Paseo-Elevator Paseo-Garden Paseo-Groove-Common-Areas Paseo-Groove-Perspective Paseo-Drop-Off-Area paseo-Grove-Common-Areas

PASEO GROVE MACTAN in Lapulapu City, Cebu

PASEO GROVE MACTAN: Humay-humay Road, Lapulapu City  Paseo Grove condominium is the newest project by Priland Development Corp. Literally just a few short meters from MEPZ II (Tamiya Basak) a quick drive to the Mactan Airport and five star beach resorts, Paseo Grove is your new home in Lapu-Lapu City.  Paseo Grove is designed to complement your modern […]... Read More
Primeworl-perspective-Amenity-Area Primeworld Building-Lay-out-Ground-Floor-Plan Primeworld Typical-Floor-Plan-5th-to-penthouse Primeworld1 Primeworld2 Primeworld3 Primeworld4 Primeworld5 Primeworld6 Primeworld7 Primeworld8 Primeworld9 Primeworld10 Primeworld12 Primeworld13 Primeworld11 Primeworld Perspective-Tower-1 Primeworld Perspective-Swimming-Pool Primeworld primeworl-Amenity-Area Primeworld-Perspective-Aerial-View Primeworld-Vicinity-Map


PRIMEWORLD DISTRICT Located in Brgy. Agus Basak, Lapulapu City, Cebu  Primeworld District is a home for those who aspire to have new experiences. Located on the island of Mactan, this tropical residential township is a quick drive away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. UPDATED AS OF SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 Primeworld District is a 4.6-hectare development designed […]... Read More
Stellar-Residences-768x576 Stellar-Floor-Plan-1 Stellar Res. Perspective-Entrance-gate Stellar Res. Perspective-Tower-2 Stellar Res. Perspective-Tower-3 Stellar Res.Vicinity-Map-6 Stellar Res.interior-pic-1 Stellar Res. interior-pic-5-1 Stellar Res.interior-pic-2 Stellar Res. interior-pic-3-1 Stellar Res.interior-pic-4-1 Stellar Res. interior-pic-6-1 Stellar Res.interior-pic-7-1 Stellar Res.interior-pic-8-1 Stellar Res.interior-pic-9-1 Stellar Res.Area-clearing-pic-1 Stellar Res.Area-clearing-pic-2 Stellar Res.Area-clearing-pic-3 Stellar Res.Area-clearing-pic-4


STELLAR RESIDENCES: Located across from Mactan Town Centre and close to Cebu Light Industrial Park, Stellar Residences is a 2 building development. PROJECT DETAILS: 2 Mid-rise building 261 studio condo units BUILDING 1- 184 units BUILDING 2- 77 units FREE PARKING SLOTS – Available on first come first served basis PROMO: DISCOUNT of 100,000 so […]... Read More