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LOT ONLY- Priveya Hills in Talamban Cebu, City

PRIVEYA HILLS: Is located in the green, northern valleys of Talamban, Cebu. Priveya is coined from the words Prime, Privileged and Private which the project’s concept revolves around.  The icon represents its terrain and this is artistically weaved from the initials “P” and “H” representing Priveya Hills. The colors reflect nature and the greenness of the community and […]... Read More
Pristina North Model-Unit-225x300 Pristina North Actual-Photo-1 Pristina North Actual-Photo-2 Pristina North Model-Unit-pic-2 Entrance-Gate-Logo Pristina North Site-Consturction-Update PNR-OUTSIDE-GARDEN-logo Pristina North TH-Ground-Floor-Plan-Flat-B PNR-Location-map Pocket-Garden-Logo Pristina North TH-Second-Floor-Plan-Flat-B Pristina North1 PNR-Road-Network-logo Pristina North TH-Crescent-300x185 Pristina North Actual-Photo-1 Park-view-logo Pristina North Crecent-outer-Ground-Floor-Plan Pristina North Actual-Photo-2 PNR-Amenity-Area-logo Pristina North Crecent-outer-Second-Floor-Plan Pristina North Model-Unit-pic-2 Pristina North Crscent-Inner-Ground-Floor-Plan Pristina North Site-Consturction-Update PNR-Celebration-Hall-logo Pristina North Crscent-Inner-Second-Floor-Plan Pristina North Crscent-Inner-Ground-Floor-Plan Park-from-the-Clubhouse-Logo Pristina North Crscent-Inner-Second-Floor-Plan PNR-Garden-logo Lap-Pool-Logo PNR-Location-map TH-Cluster-logo TH-night-view-logo Main-door-logo Landscaped-Logo landscaped-2-logo Interior-2-logo Living-logo Going-TB-common-logo Ground-flr-toilet-logo Ground-flr-toilet-interior-logo MQ-logo Dining-Logo Dining-Logo-1 Storage-logo Upstairs-logo MB-Balcony-view-1-logo 2nd-flr-hallway-logo MB-main-entrance-logo MBedroom-logo MB-walk-in-closet-TB-logo Bedroom-2-logo Bedroom-3-logo Common-Balcony-logo TH-Floor-Plan Duplex-Logo-768x427 Duplex-floor-plan


Welcome to Pristina North.  Imagine a community amidst the bustle of Cebu City, so meticulously planned, it simplifies your life.  From AboitizLand, Cebu’s premier homegrown real estate developer known for its trailblazing concepts and quality, Pristina North is Cebu’s first fully integrated, master-planned community just 20 minutes away from the central business district.  Pristine North […]... Read More