Sunhera-TH Sunhera TH-Floor-plan Sunhera-Actual-Photo-3 Sunhera-Actual-Photo Sunhera TH Sunhera-Actual-Photo-2 TH-Sunhera Sunhera-Entrance-Gate Sunhera Front-Exterior Sunhera TH-interior-1 Sunhera TH-interior-2 Sunhera TH-interior-3 Sunhera TH-interior-4 Sunhera TH-interior-5 Sunhera TH-kitchen-cabinet


SUNHERA Highway 77, Talamban Cebu City  PROJECT CONCEPT “A secured and exclusive community while living just minutes away from the necessities of life.” SunHera is an exclusive, close-knit, Asian Contemporary community in the northern part of the City. With its very strategic location, families in this gated community will have easy access to institutions like […]... Read More
Primeworld 1-BR-Floor-plan Primeworld perspective-unit Primeworld Vicinity-Map-1 primeworld Primeworld perspective-tower Primeworld-perspective-tower Primeworld GYM Primeworld Play-area Primeworld Swimming-Pool-side-view

PRIMEWORLD POINTE in La Guardia, Lahug Cebu City

PRIMEWORLD POINTE LAHUG  We still are accepting LOI for our Primeworld Pointe, one of our finest condominium situated in La Guardia, Lahug. Primeworld Pointe Lahug is a 22-story condo near Cebu IT Park that is set to rise on First St. in Barangay Apas, just a few minutes’ walk away from the IT Park. The […]... Read More
Persimmon-Actual-Photo The-Persimmon-Building Persimmon 1bedroom floor plan Persimmon 2bedroom Floor Plan Persimmon 2bedroom Persimmon 2bedroom1 Persimmon 2bedroom3 Persimmon 2bedroom2 Persimmon Studio Floor Plan Persimmon Studio Antara Studio1 Persimmon Studio2 Persimmon Studio3 Persimmon Studio4 Persimmon Studio5 Persimmon Studio6 Persimmon Studio7 Persimmon Studio8 Persimmon Studio9 Persimmon-Tower Persimmon1 Persimmon2 Persimmon3 Persimmon4 Persimmon5 Persimmon6 Persimmon7 Persimmon8 Persimmon9 Persimmon10 Persimmon11 The-persimmon-Swimming-Pool Swimming-Pool Persimmon12


THE PERSIMMON FIRST URBAN VILLAGE located at M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City. Shop just around the commercial block. Enjoy the bustling nightlife right down the street. Find a sanctuary without leaving the village. This is the urban village lifestyle and The Persimmon is the first to bring it to Cebu. Free yourself from the […]... Read More
Villa Verde Perspective-inside Villa Verde TH-Floor-Plan-2 Villa Verde Vicinity-Map-4 Villa Verde Entrance-Gate (1) Villa Verde Entrance-Gate-view-2 Villa Verde Perspective-Aerial-View Villa Verde Subdivision-perspective-view Villa Verde Subdivision-inside Villa Verde TH-Aerial-view-1 Villa Verde TH-3 Villa-Verde-Subd

VILLA VERDE in Banilad Cebu City

VILLA VERDE: Banilad Cebu City City Just a minute away from the main highway  Finished Unit Delivery: LED Lights Rain Water Tank Water Save Fixtures WC & Faucets Green Wall Vertical Garden  BEST DEAL EVER PROMO!! FREE…Life Insurance (MRI) FREE House and Fire Insurance FREE Bank Loan Charges FREEP.A Notarization FREE Water and Electricity Deposit […]... Read More
One Lexington Guada TH-perspective One Lexington Guada Floor-Plan-with-size One Lexington Guada Vicinity-Map-3 One Lexington Guada TH-2 One Lexington Guada TH-Aerial-view

ONE LEXINGTON in Gaudalupe Cebu City

ONE LEXINGTON Guadalajara Cebu City City Just a minute away from the main highway walking distance to Gaudalupe Church  Finished Unit Delivery: LED Lights Rain Water Tank Water Save Fixtures WC & Faucets Green Wall Vertical Garden  BEST DEAL EVER PROMO!! FREE…Life Insurance (MRI) FREE House and Fire Insurance FREE Bank Loan Charges FREEP.A Notarization FREE Water and […]... Read More
Optima Katipunan EC-Model-Unit Optima Katipunan Floor plan Optima Katipunan Entrance-Gate-1 Optima Katipunan1 Optima Katipunan2 Optima Katipunan3 Optima Katipunan Vicinity Map Optima Katipunan4

OPTIMA Katipunan in Labangon Cebu City

OPTIMA KATIPUNAN  RESIDENCES: Salvador St., Labangon Cebu City Just a minute away from the main highway walking distance to Science High, Labangon Public Market 5 mins away from SM Seaside Modern-Zen Inspired Townhomes Finished Unit Delivery: Inclusions LED Lights Rain Water Tank Water Save Fixtures WC & Faucets Green Wall Vertical Garden  BEST DEAL EVER […]... Read More
128 Nivel Hills8 128 Nivel Hills2 128 Nivel Hills studio floor plan 128 Nivel Hills 2bedroom floor plan 128 Nivel Hill1 128 Nivel Hills1 128 Nivel Hills5 128 Nivel Hills6 128 Nivel Hills9 128 Nivel Hills3 128 Nivel Hills4 128 Nivel Hills7 128 Nivel Hills12 128 Nivel Hills Perspctive-Coffee-Shop 128 Nivel Hills perspective-Coffee-Shop-view-1 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-Drop-off 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-Drop-off-view 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-Function-Room 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-Game-Room 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-Game-Room.-view-2JPG 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-Lobby-Tower-1 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-Lobby-Tower-1b 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-SPA-Reception 128 Nivel Hills Perspective-Typical-Studio-bathroom 128 Nivel Hills Pool-Area 128 Nivel Hills Pool-Deck-2nd-flr-Amenities-podium-view-2 128 Nivel Hills Pool-Deck-2nd-flr-Amenities-podium-view-3 128 Nivel Hills Pool-Deck-2nd-flr-Amenities-podium 128 Nivel Hills Pool-Deck 128 Nivel Hills Sun-Room 128 Nivel Hills The-Great-Room 128 Nivel Hills The-Lobby 128 Nivel Hills10 128 Nivel Hills11 128 Nivel Hills Vicinity Map

128 NIVEL HILLS CONDOTEL in Lahug Cebu City

128 NIVEL HILLS  A new standard in high-end condo living Located at the heart of Cebu, 128 Nivel Hills lets you experience top-quality, modern, and posh designs from the comfort of your own living space. Call it your own private paradise, or simply call it your home. The Neighborhood The property sits on an expansive […]... Read More
City Clou 6-300x169 City Clou1 City Clou1 City Clou Studio Floor plan City Clou 1Bedroom Floor plan City Clou2 City Clou3 City Clou4 City Clou5 City Clou6 City Clou7 City Clou8 City Clou11 City Clou12 City Clou Retail-Area City Clou The-Aerial-view The-City-Clou-Line-Sight City Clou Site-Development-Plan City Clou Strategic-Location City-Clou-Tower-C City-Clou-Vicinity-Map City Clou9 City Clou10 City Clou13 City Clou14 City Clou15 City Clou16 City Clou17 City-Clou-Unit-Type City Clou Bldg-3rd-Floor-Plan City Clou Bldg-5th-Floor-Plan City Clou Bldg-6th-9th-floor-plan City Clou Bldg-10th-35th-floor-plan City Clou 2Bedroom Floor Plan


CITY CLOU CONDOMINIUM Location: Jakosalem St., Brgy. Zapatera, Cebu City  City Clou is a mixed-used project currently in development by Golden ToPPer in Cebu City. Located at the heart of midtown Cebu, City Clou has immediate access to Central Business Districts, schools, shopping malls, hospitals,night life and so much more. City Clou is minutes away from […]... Read More
Homedale3-1 Homedale3-2 Homedale3-3 Homedale3-4 Homedale3-5 Homedale3-6 Homedale3-9 Homedale3-10 Homedale3-7 Homedale3-8 Homedale3 interior-6

HOMEDALE 3 TOWNHOUSE in Punta Princesa Cebu City

HOMEDALE 3  Location: Clarita Village, F Llamas St. Punta Princesa, Cebu City. WALKING DISTANCE (200meters) to Don Bosco Technical College Cebu UPDATED AS OF JUNE 12, 2020 TOWNHOUSE: HOUSE DETAILS: 4- Bedrooms 3- Toilet and Bath 1- Car Garage  Living Area Dining Area Telephone wire and Cable wire ready Service Area  Kitchen Countertop and Cabinets […]... Read More
Michael-James-Model-768x510 MJ-Model Site-Development-Map Michael James Construction-Update-1 Michael James Construction-Update-2 Michael James Construction-Update-3 Michael James


MICHAEL JAMES RESIDENCES: Located at San Jose ,Purok 4, Talamban, Cebu City Now you can fulfill the dream of owning an affordable subdivision home within the city.. ACCESSIBLE TO: North Gen Hospital, Montessori International School. Michael James Residences has a 37 units you can choose from with 100 sqm floor area each,it is a town house […]... Read More